Visiting Scholar Application | York Centre for Asian Research

Visiting Scholar Application | York Centre for Asian Research

Visiting Scholars are faculty or research professionals at other universities or educational/research institutions whose ongoing research falls within the mandate of YCAR, and who are or intend to be temporarily resident in the Toronto area.

Visiting Scholars are appointed for the duration of their stay in Toronto, normally up to one year, and must be nominated and hosted by a YCAR Faculty Associate. It is expected that their visit at YCAR will include collaboration and consultation with their sponsoring YCAR Faculty Associate.

Visiting Scholars are expected to be active members of the YCAR community during their visit.

The length of term of a Visiting Scholar shall be decided on a case-by-case basis and is normally not renewable.

Please note that all applicants are expected to be self-funded.

YCAR will contact you after we have received your completed application to confirm receipt and/or if we require additional information before considering your application.

All applications go before the YCAR Membership Committee, which meet four times per academic year: 15 January, 15 March, 15 June and 15 October. Applications will be reviewed shortly after each deadline.

Please note that the Membership Committee will not review applications outside of these time periods.

All queries can be directed to: