Canada-China Initiatives Fund Application | Research Project

Canada-China Initiatives Fund Application | Research Project


This event is open to faculty members at York University.

The York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR) invites applications from York University faculty and graduate students for the inaugural Canada-China Infinitive Fund (CCIF at YCAR) call for proposals.

Founded in 2019, the Canada-China Infinitive Fund (CCIF) was created to support scholarly exchanges and research on modern (i.e. post 1911) and contemporary China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) and their global reach or Canada-China linkages, or the experiences of the Chinese-Canadian community.

This application has THREE sections. Please complete all sections. Late applications will not be accepted.

Applications will be judged based on several criteria:
- Their potential to raise the global profile of research and engagement at York on China and its global reach, or Canada-China linkages, or the Chinese-Canadian community. Preference will be given to initiatives that explore how research on China can impact or impacts Canada and vice-versa.
- Their potential to foster connections between York and institutions in China or in the Chinese-Canadian community.
- Their clear articulation of a communication and knowledge mobilization strategy that will ensure that findings from the research, exchange or visit are shared widely with academic and non-academic audiences.
- Appropriate, realistic and noteworthy output(s) that contribute to the first three criteria.
- Strong support and participation from at least one York faculty member.
- Participation of at least one non-York University scholar and/or institution.
- Achievable timeline.
- Detailed and accurate budget. Expenses should be appropriate to the proposal.
- Applications that do not include in-kind or cash contributions (confirmed or requested) from other sources will not be adjudicated.

Please contact the CCIF at YCAR Coordinator for more information: